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17th National Convention UNESCO-APNIEVE Philippines

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5th International Agricultural Camp

International Agricultural Camp: GREEN ENERGY

5th International Seminar and Workshop on

Vocational Education of Agriculture Teachers and Students

19th – 31st August 2012


        The Vocational Education Commission has been one of five main organizations in Ministry of Education dealing with learning and teaching on Vocational Education and training careers for the people all over the country and focusing on knowledge and skills in the careers the people need and the market needs.  This fact is according to Thailand developing plan of economy and society. 

        Nowadays many countries have been developed to the industrial world especially technology  And communication.  While the industries have been increased, the air pollution has been increased all the times.  About 40% of Thai people have been farmers and Thailand also has been the country exporting Agricultural products for sale around the world in the early range of the world especially rice and rubber.  Thus, Agriculture is essential to develop accordance with other economies. The curriculum is based on practical work and direct experiences from learning on farm or in the workplace before graduation.  Because of this, the students will be convinced in his or her career as farmers constantly in the future.

The Vocational Education Commission has realized the above importance and would like to perform the project of 5h International Agricultural Camp on the theme of “Green Energy” for teachers and students from the field of Agriculture from many countries.  This is the fifth time that we try to bring in teachers and students from the field of Agriculture from many countries sharing their own experiences on academy and culture and solving the problems together.  They will have a chance to share experience and learn through group work, lectures, fieldtrips, etc. Moreover, the Thai Agricultural students have a chance to enhance their experience and development of English communication.


2. Objectives

  1. To create the experiences on learning exchange, and good relationship between the members participating in the project
  2. To exchange learning on good morals, customs and traditions each other
  3. To exchange learning on vocational agriculture education of the members participating in the project from many countries
  4. To be the guideline for the cooperation in the management of vocational education between many countries in the future


3. Green Energy

        Green energy is energy that is produced in a manner that has less of a negative impact to the environment than energy sources like fossil fuels, which are often produced with harmful side effects. It would be interested to see this energy from the agricultural communities/academics in this field.  We would like to learn how the Agricultural teachers and students in your country have succeeded in green energy.


       Theme discussion/Country report: It doesn’t have to be something complicated.          It could be something very simple and easy.  What your community/country is doing.  Prepare to present to the group for about 30 – 45 minutes.  You will have to do the country report either on 20th or 21st.  It’s nice to prepare your country report in advance and have it in paper for the host.

        This is the fifth time that we try to bring in students from the regions who share similar problems and difficulties as well as their knowledge and skills together.  This International Agricultural Camp will be the learning place for them, in which they will have the chance to share, experience, and network, learn from the program through lectures, fieldtrips, observation, etc. The solid foundation in theory and practice will qualify them to be better human resources in this field which allows them to have enough skills to be further developed.  Besides, participants will be able to develop their communication skills in English and exchange cultures with other participants.


4. Methodologies

4.1                Lectures of professionals

4.2                Theme Discussion and exchange of view point (Country report)

4.3                Educational Excursion

4.4                Cultural Excursion

4.5                Project hand-on experience

5. The Venue

Kamphaeng-Phet College of Agriculture and Technology


6. Target participants

50 participants from different countries including Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Nepal, New Zealand and Thailand,

  • 14 teachers from participating countries
  • Good in English command and translation
  • 36 students from participating countries
  • 2 to 3 participants per group
  • Students aged 17 – 22 years, studying in the Agricultural Vocational Education
  •  Able to speak and carry the presentation in English

7. National Performance

We will have the opening ceremony on 20th August.  It’s nice to prepare your cultural performance for the honored visitors and guests and ourselves to enjoy and learn about your culture as well.  Be something joyful and participative.

8. Duration

August 19th – 31st, 2012

Arrival:       The participants should arrive at Thailand International Suvanabhum Airport

at least 1 day earlier 20th or 19th.  We will move to the site on 19th at 1 in the afternoon.  Don’t come exactly on the 19th as it will be hectic to go to the camp.  We would be able to arrange the accommodation in Bangkok.  Note that we would prepare the bus transportation to the camp site which is 325 km.  Please arrange the flight schedule accordingly.

Departure:      You should depart from Thailand International Suvanabhum Airport after 31st

August.  It’s a bit risky to try to leave on that day.  We suggest spending a night in Bangkok and catch the next day flight to be safe.

9. Preliminary Program

19 Aug   Arriving Thailand

 Transportation to campsite


20 Aug     Official Orientation

                Opening Ceremony

                Ice Breaking Activities

                Team Building Activities

                Welcome Party

                National Performance

21 Aug     Team Building Activities


                Country Report 1

                Team Building Activities

22 Aug     Team Building Activities

                Walk Rally

                Team Building Activities

23 Aug     Team Building Activities

                Cultural Excursion

                Team Building Activities

24 Aug     Team Building Activities

                Country Report 2

                Team Building Activities

25 Aug     Team Building Activities

                Educational Excursion & Activities

                Team Building Activities

26 Aug     Team Building Activities

                Sports Day

                Team Building Activities

27 Aug     Team Building Activities

                National Food Cooking

                Team Building Activities

28 Aug     Team Building Activities

                Mind Service

                Team Building Activities

29 Aug     Team Building Activities

                Educational Excursion

Team Building Activities

30 Aug     Trip at the Royal Agricultural Museum

31 Aug     Trip at Grand Palace & Temple of Emerald Buddha


                Closing Ceremony

1 Sep      Return to Countries

10. Daily schedule

        08:00       Breakfast

        09:00       Activity 1

        12:00       Lunch

        13:00       Activity 2

        16:00       Leaders’ meeting

17:00       Delegation’s meeting

        18:00       Dinner

        19:30       Activity 3

        21:00       Leaders’ meeting

Delegation Meeting: This is the chance for the leader (teacher) can meet up with the delegation for a short moment to learn any difficulties and inform about the coming program of the next day.

Leaders’ meeting:  This is the social time for the leaders (teachers) to get to know each other better and inform of what is missing in the day.  It’s the chance for the small gathering of the group.

What to bring (As a delegate):

1. Personal medicines.

2. Personal toiletries.

3. Nice dress up for courtesy visit.

4. T-shirts, shorts, jean, underwear, socks just enough for at least 1 week.

5. A swim suit

6. a towel

7. pajamas

8. an extra hand bag for overnight excursion

9. a pair of sandals

10. Sun screen lotion

11. a pair of running shoes

12. a cap

13. a pair of sunglasses

14. a camera and films

15. flash light/ torch


 Please send detail of  1 teacher and 2 students  to Mr. Thanin Sang-noi by e-mail:  thanin2502@yahoo.co.th     and nongnitw@yahoo.com

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