Learming To Know for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future


This UNESCO APNIEVE-APCEIU Sourcebook on Learning to Know for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future is the fourth of a series of sourcebooks, inspired by the four pillars of education from Learning:  The Treasure Within, Report of the International Commission of Education for the 21st Century, (Delors, 1996).  These sourcebooks were designed for the training of educators and learners in the fields of international education and values education for peace, human rights, democracy and sustainable development in advocating and demonstrating the use of a holistic and integrated approach to teaching and learning.


Learning to Know for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future addresses the fourth pillar of learning, namely: Learning to know.  It includes the competencies of learning how to learn; understanding; concentration; critical thinking; a balance of both concrete and abstract, and inductive and deductive reasoning; and discovering the joy of learning.

Destiny, Sweet Mystery


"Dr. Lourdes Reynes Quisumbing’s life journey is reflected in a series of creative endeavors that are found in her poetry and songs.  Her musical compositions provide us with a rich tapestry of sounds that speak of her experiences, relationships, values, musings and reflections as a child, wife, mother, grandmother and educator – inspiring us to achieve greater heights for love of God, family and country. It is a book that seeks to rouse us from slumber and find hope with each new day. It is as much about dreams, as it is about possibilities. The melodies of the songs evoke a quiet, solitary gentleness that create a brand of lyricism, combined with lyrics that are direct and firm in resolve – characteristics that bespeak of the woman who composed them. It is a rich harvest of songs with timeless qualities that will stay close to the heart and warm the soul for generations to come. It is the fruit of a life lived fully well."  Josefino Chino Toledo, Executive Director, Miriam College Music Center


This is a music book with a music CD.  Available at the Miriam College Bookstores or contact apnieve.ph@gmail.com