Homage to Mr. Zhou Nan Zhao

My dear friend, who shared the noble mission of UNESCO!

Why you left us so soon leaving behind many comrades?

We still have so much to do together for our mission

Alas! We often wonder if the Heaven is really fair

Taking away the most valuable soul first from us.


We believe in the 'intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind'

You pursued the mission of promoting international and values education

Following up the dream of the first generation of APNIEVE  

Alas, We won't see your gentle smile and friendly approach

Promoting the importance 'Learning to live together' much needed today


You must have reached and settled well in the Heaven   

Can you see the Earth clearly, so green and beautiful?

You must be wondering why fighting continues on this planet

From the Heaven you don't see the boundary of countries

Or difference of races: Just one planet Earth and People


My dear friend, please bless us all from the Heaven!

Give us courage to pursue what you left with us

To search for a new value of 'living together' in peace

So basic for the survival of mankind and the Earth

Dreaming to celebrate success when we meet in the Heaven


                                                Akihiro Chiba

                                                Former Assistant Director-General

                                                Coordination of Operational Activities



Posted on August 04, 2014 | 11:00:00 PM